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Caroline Picard

Caroline Picard says “I am not over the hill. I am standing on top of the mountain”. She may have hit the big 5 oh but “The Queen” tours with the ferocity of a comedian in her 30’s. She has lived and she has drawn some conclusions from life. She will unabashedly share them with […]

Collin Moulton

Ladies and Gentlemen: Laughing Hyena Records is proud and excited to present Collin Moulton, a funny man and a family man, with his latest comedy CD…”Cowlicks”. Collin live in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. He was raised in Wisconsin. After school was over Collin toiled as an auto mechanic. He was always […]

Comedy for Men Only

No description available.

Comedy’s Dirty Dozen

Here are some excerpts from Comedy’s Dirty Dozen to help determine if this album is for you. One comedian says he had to drop out of college so he could go to jail full time. Another comedian said he went to a gas station restroom and they gave him a key on a stick. What […]