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Earl Goes to the Races

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Earl Pitts

Wake up, America!!! Pitts has been entertaining and educating tens of dozens… no dozens of hundreds…no hundreds of thousands of Americans since 1985 — with his unique perspective of life in America. Earl is listened to coast to coast on over 130 radio stations across America. He offers his views of the red blooded, hard […]

Earl Pitts & Gary Burbank

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Elmer Fudpucker

Anyone who has been around the trucking industry for any length of time has heard of Elmer Fudpucker. His real name is Hollis Champion. Hollis was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. His father was in the construction business of which Hollis had no interest. He knew at an early age that his true calling […]

Ernie Shill

I was raised in Houston, TX, by my middle class parents. Mom was a fanatically religious Holy Roller who often referred to my father as “that heathen Methodist”. I was the middle of five kids ( I’ll bet Dr. Phil would love to crawl around in my head ). We were raised to be polite, […]