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Jack Mayberry and Jake Iannorino

Laughing Hyena Records released several two-comedian albums in 2008. Jack Mayberry who appears on Roadhouse Comedy takes the prize as the best liked comedian from this grouping , now in its fourth pressing. Jack was part of the Texas Outlaw comedians at the Houston Workshop from whence came Sam Kinison , Bill Hicks and Steve […]

James P Connolly & Steven Pearl

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James P. Connolly

With the impeccable comedic timing of Steve Martin in the 1970’s James P. Connolly has you hanging on every well chosen word in “Spin Doctor” on Laughing Hyena Records. And who better to channel Steve Martin than this Harvard educated ex-marine officer who fought in the infantry in Desert Storm. He is a wicked funnyman. […]

Jay Hickman

Jay Hickman has been the best selling and most radio-played comedian of all the Laughing Hyena Records’ artists. If you want to know why, buy Boat Ride, his signature bit about a deprived sex maniac who could not talk very plain. At its peak there were advertising planes trailing a banner that said Boat Ride […]

Jeff Foxworthy

Best known for his “you might be a redneck if…” bit, Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most popular comedians of the past two decades. His hilarious albums, specials, and tours have a raw brand of southern charm and “funny because it’s true” jabs at redneck heritage. Jeff is the top selling comedian in terms […]

Jeremy Danley & Gabriel Rutledge

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Jerry Dye & Ron White

Jerry Dye Jerry Dye is one of the first comedians that we recorded about 25 years ago. Our customers loved him then and they love him now. A Mississippi native, he whiled away his youth throwing rocks at trains with his friends. Don’t miss his description of when he was on a long road trip […]

Jimmie Walker

Hey it is fun reliving the comedy scene of the 70’s, even though this album was recorded in 1999. Jimmie Walker became the break out star of the series “Good Times” on CBS. His catchphrase “Dy-no-mite” was the Git-R-Done of that era. He was the favorite comedian of the Black Panthers at the time. And […]

Joey Diaz

Born in Havana, Cuba and raised in North Bergen, NJ, Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz has quickly become one of the most sought after actors and comedians in the entertainment industry today. His love of storytelling is reflected in each role he takes: whether it is on film or on stage, his passion for entertaining and delighting […]

Joey Holiday

If you drive an 18 wheeler you have probably run into the Joey Holiday show in the parking lot of a TA or Petro truck stop or at a major trucking event. The shows rock and the price is right – free. Joey and his wife Vicky put on these shows to help keep trucking […]

John Fox

John Fox is R rated to the bone and always great for a healthy nose snort. It remains a mystery to us why John never achieved household name status. Maybe we are biased because John was the first stand-up we recorded in 1987. The successs of his recordings encouraged us to jump into the deep […]

Jonathan Gotsick

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Joy of Driving

You never know what will happen on a good road trip . You can start off by listening to Laughing Hyena Records’ Joy of Driving which will prepare you for how some comedians handled their driving problems: Paying first or pumping first? The horrors of driving across Kansas; How you will know if you are […]

Joy of Sex

Laughing Hyena Records originally published three compilation albums in the mid -1990’s on the subject of sex: Joy of Sex, Hooked on Sex and Hooked on Sex 2. We believe the best one is Hooked on Sex 2, the definitive comedy collection on the subject. Great comedy is timeless and this album is great comedy. […]

Justin Petitt & Jerry Dye

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