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L’il Brother Trucker

The two men who wrote and performed the Little Brother Trucker and Little Mother Trucker albums shall go unnamed ( we think they are on the lamb ). Accomplished song writers, their songs have been heard on the airwaves before. These songs will only be heard on satellite radio as they are very adult. Their […]

L’il Mother Trucker

If you thought Little Brother Trucker was wild and crazy then wait until you hear the crazy nastiness of “Little Mother Trucker”! This group of female truck drivers have written and performed these hilariously raunchy tunes that every warm-blooded true American will love. The songs are very much not for kids and nasty enough not […]

Larry Pierce

A friend of Larry Pierce sent in a promotional copy of a couple of his songs to Laughing Hyena Records.  Larry had been trying to make it in the Nashville scene for a while.  When we heard the talent we went nutso.  This guy could write tasteless tunes like nobody’s business. We mean they were […]

Larry Reeb

Known as Uncle Lar’, Larry Reeb is the wise-cracking black sheep, politically incorrect relative everyone knows. Like any concerned relative Uncle Lar’ wants to help. So in his own twisted way he does. He gives you “tips”. Uncle Lar’ offers tips on everything from marriage to lotteries to children. Always topping them off with, “That’s […]

Laughing Hyena Artists

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Laughing Hyena Greatest Hits 2000 – 2010

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Laughing Hyena’s 25th Anniversary

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Laughter is the Best Medicine

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Law & Order Comedy

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Live (Laughing Hyena Volume 9)

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Live in Las Vegas

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Long Haul Paul

At the tender age of fifty five, Long Haul Paul was discovered in the back of a Muscle Shoals area garage during a pilgrimage to the recording mecca which was sponsored and encouraged by his daughter Audrey, who advised him, “You’re only as good as your network, Dad.”Recording legend and producer Travis Wammack, who first […]

Looks at Women

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Louis L’amour

Louis L’Amour is the best -read American Western author. From Jamestown, North Dakota he rubbed elbows with cowboys from Montana and the Dakotas toward the end of the days of the Old West. What he did not experience first hand he picked up from his voracious appetite for reading books on the subject.