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Ray Carlisle

Ray Carlisle has come a long way from his early days in the recording industry when he sold his cassette tapes from door to door in truck stops around Oklahoma where he was born, raised and still lives. They are now available from Laughing Hyena Records nationwide through finer travel centers on the interstates. As […]

Road Dogs Comedy

No description available.

Rocky Laporte

Rocky LaPorte is a former Chicago truck driver and dock worker who started his comedy career in 1988. He won the Johnny Walker National Comedy Competition beating out over 1100 contestants. Among his accomplishments was the CBS pilot “The Rocky LaPorte Show”. Rocky did the Tonight Show after “only 16 years of sweat and toil, […]

Ron White

Ron White used to drive by our office on the way from one comedy club to another and we joined him and his wife often at the local breakfast hangout. He used to wear a cowboy hat and jeans back then, a holdover from his formative years in Fritch, TX. That was then and this […]