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SCHMITTFACED has combined their love of song and beer into their debut, Redneck Chugalug, a new country classic featuring eleven staggering tracks such as Save Water Drink Beer, Less Thinkin’ More Drinkin’, and their ode to exercise, Let’s Get Ripped. It’s sure to create a buzz! All five band members (Jimmy James Schmitt, The BULGE, […]

Scott Angrave

Scott Angrave is England’s funniest export. He has a college degree in whatever they teach in Liverpool. Scott spends half his year in England and half in the States, where his most popular bits are comparative meanings of the same word here and there. Like rubbers in the U.K. are galoshes but mean something totally […]

Scott Angrave, Beth Donahue & John Midas

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Sound Advice for Unsound Minds

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Southern Fried Comedy

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Steve Mudflap McGrew

Comedian Steve Mudflap McGrew (the hellbent southern gent) has been featured on Comedy Central in his own 1/2 Hour special. He can be heard on 24/7 Comedy and on Sirius XM radio. Mudflap has released several comedy CDs. His latest, One Sick Puppy, is now available on iTunes. He is a regular at Sin City […]

Steven Pearl

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