13 Drinking Songs

1. Out Drinking (Patrick Dailey) Island Home Music (BMI) 2. Gotta Get A Little Crazy (David Bellamy) Bellamy Brothers Music (ASCAP) Licensed by CMI 3. Honky Tonk Attitude (Joe Diffle & Lee Bogan) Sony, BMI, Cherry River, Regular Joe Music 4. Hey Bartender (Floyd Dixon) Cottontail West Publishing (BMI) 5. Red Red Wine (George Patty M) BMI 6. Sangria Wine (Jerry Jeff Walker) Groper Music (BMI) 7. Homemade Wine (Larry Lee) Irving Music Inc. (BMI) 8. Jose Cuervo (Keri Loose) EMI Universal - MCA 9. Cold Budweiser And A Sweet Tater (Teddy Gentry/Greg Fowler/Ronnie Rogers) Sony?ATV Songs LLC 10. A Six Pack To Go (Hank Thompson/Johhny Lowe/Dick Hart) Universal - Songs of Polygram International, Inc. (BMI) 11. Help Me Make It Through The Yard (Based On "Help Me Make It Through The Night") (Kris Kristofferson) EMI Blackwood Music O/B/O Combine Music Corp (BMI) 12. My Liver Hates My Guts (Kip Attaway/Pinto Bennett/Barb) 13. Hair Of The Dog (Jerry Zainoski)

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