Dirty Old Man

1. Pretty Woman 2. Hillbilly Girlfriend 3. When The Carnival Came to Town 4. Good Hard Screwing 5. Porking You Is Always On My Mind 6. Girls Were Made To Screw 7. We Screwed In The Rain 8. Pretty Cowgirl 9. A Law Against Brassiers 10. This Girl Makes Me Horny 11. Front Row Ticket 12. Her Old Love Letters 13. If You want Romance... 14. She's A Nymphomaniac 15. I'm A Prick (Fools Are a Dime a Dozen) 16. Screw Your Brains Out (One Night Stand) 17. Get It Through Your Head 18. Gigolo 19. Hike Your Skirt Up Higher (Stank Up The Whole Room) 20. Don't Tell Anybody I Screwed You (Can I Buy You a Drink) 21. Shriveled Up 22. I Asked Her For A Date

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