Dysfunctional Family 2

1. My Son's Band 2. Sunday at K-Mart with Dad 3. Dinner at the Olive Garden 4. A Pre-Engagement Ring 5. Does America Need More Viagra 6. Kid's Time Out 7. White Girls Don't Fight Well 8. Grandma is 91and Feisty 9. Better To Have Loved and Lost 10. Mom, I'm Just Like You 11. Women Should Run The World 12. Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat? 13. Mexican Kids Eating at Costco 14. Ma Goes on Family Feud 15. Grandpa Rips One at Wal-Mart 16. Christmas Trip Home 17. Construction Worked Dad 18. Kids in Sports 19. Mother's Ancestor's Last Supper 20. Men Needed To Be Married 21. A Song For My Ex-Wife

Dysfunctional Family Comedy are everywhere, not just where you live. Yes, you might go home to one night. I daresay some drivers escape to the open road because it brings them freedom – for a while.

But don’t fret. That’s the way it is and it’s not going to change a lot, probably, so you may as well enjoy the funny side of it when you are listening on the road. Good luck!