Hard Hat Hits

1. I'm a Leg Man 2. Getting Half Tight 3. Achey Breaky Fart 4. Can I Buy You a Drink? 5. Not while I'm Driving 6. B.Y.O.P. 7. A Family Affair 8. Good Enough To Eat 9. Holiday 10. I Wish I Could Hold You 11. My Fantasies of You 12. On the Prowl 13. She Wore a Crop Top 14. Dancing At the Bar 15. She Was Sexy, She Was Pretty 16. The Thrill of the Chase 17. Nymphomaniac 18. Woman In My Dreams 19. Slurp 20. Counting the Memories 21. Bring Me Back As a Woman 22. Let's Get Drunk and Screw 23. Bitchy Attitude 24. Get It Through Your Head, I'm Not Taking You To Bed 25. Darling, What Does He Do? 26. Pretty Women Get Their Way 27. Who's Next after I'm Gone 28. All I Can Think of Is You 29. Big Surprise In the Morning 30. Too Young for Me

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