Hooked on Sex 2

Hooked on Sex 2
1. The First Time We Made Love 2. What Say You And I Go Back To My Place 3. Male Fantasy - Age 16 4. Finding Her G Spot 5. I Worked So Hard Getting This Pussy 6. A Blind Date 7. Screwing Someone Ugly 8. Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend 9. Al's Dating Service 10. Safe Sex Is In 11. John Holmes Shanked 14,000 Women 12. First Date In A Car 13. How About A Little Blowjob Action 14. I Will Do Everything Once 15. Dear Al

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Laughing Hyena Records originally published three compilation albums in the mid -1990’s on the subject of sex: Joy of Sex, Hooked on Sex and Hooked on Sex 2. We believe the best one is Hooked on Sex 2, the definitive comedy collection on the subject. Great comedy is timeless and this album is great comedy.

If you are hooked on sex you are one of many, my friend, and will appreciate this landmark recording. The highlight of the CD is Doc Barham’s eight minute riff about below the belt female anatomy and things he has done and would like to do. Also suggestions about how the woman can stimulate him with just one finger.

Hey, it might not be for you, but if you have read this far it probably is. Listen to a dozen comedians recount their experiences. Definitely no prudes allowed.. This is for mature audiences only, and by mature we mean kids who have a set of headphones and the adults who babysit them. Great comedy is great comedy. Maybe you might even learn something.