Joy of Driving

Joy of Driving
1. Introduction 2. Highway Sings 3. Road Hazards 4. City Driver 5. D U I 6. Road Companions 7. Planes 8. Trains

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You never know what will happen on a good road trip . You can start off by listening to Laughing Hyena Records’ Joy of Driving which will prepare you for how some comedians handled their driving problems:

  • Paying first or pumping first?
  • The horrors of driving across Kansas;
  • How you will know if you are on the wrong side of the highway;
  • What will happen if a guy flips you the bird and you wave at him;
  • How to distinguish different types of potholes;What to expect if your low beams go out at night;
  • What to do if you have bad squeaky brakes and run into people;

Then you will appreciate this album, compiled in the mid 1990’s with some of the best comedians from then.

Remember we are practicing safe driving here!!!