Laughing Hyena’s 15th Anniversary Volume 2

1) Tucker Family 2) John Fox 3) John Fox 4) Beth Donahue 5) Jay Hickman 6) Larry Reeb 7) Mark Gross 8) Trucker Wally 9) Ollie Joe Prater 10) John Fox 11) Beth Donahue 12) Mark Gross 13) Trucker Wally 14) John Fox 15) Mark Gross 16) Dave Miller 17) Ron White 18) John Fox 19) Jay Hickman 20) Beth Donahue 21) Jay Hickman 22) Trucker Wally 23) John Fox 24) Beth Donahue 25) Larry Reeb 26) Mark Gross 27) John Fox 28) Trucker Wally 29) Trucker Wally 30) Mark Gross 31) Trucker Wally 32) Jay Hickman “Boat Ride”

What we set out to do on our 15th Anniversary was to compile the best assortment of the funniest comedians we had recorded. Mission accomplished. These various artist cds are as funny as we can make an album. They include bits by Jay Hickman, John Fox, Earl Pitts, Uhmerican, Ollie Joe Prater and Steve McGrew

That picture on the front of Volume 1 is a warthog. Guaranteed to cure Boardom! Get It? The picture on the back (if you buy the whole album ) is the guy who put together the whole label, Arnie Hoffman. “ Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did bringing them to you”. These albums are a labor of love.

If you like compilation albums these are comedic gold. You can use them as samplers to see if you want to hear more of any the individual comedian’s albums. Each is over an hour long and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Guaranteed to cure boardom!