Live (Laughing Hyena Volume 9)

Live - Jeff Foxworthy
1. Back in the South (Live) 2. You Might be A Redneck (Live) 3. Raised In A Barn (Live) 4. Sneaking Back Home (Live) 5. Throwing a Party (Live) 6. The Fertility Clinic (Live) 7. Single Life (Live) 8. Bodacious Tatas (Live) 9. The Wedding Reception (Live) 10. Big Engagement Rings (Live) 11. Cold Butted Woman (Live) 12. Fragrances (Live) 13. Trying To Be Sexy (Live) 14. Rocket Launched Body Sounds (Live) 15. Stuffed Animal Wallhangings (Live) 16. Bell Bottom Leisure Suits (Live) 17. Money Fights (Live) 18. Hormonal Change (Live) 19. Working Woman (Live) 20. Making Chili & Grilling (Live) 21. True Stuff Is the Funniest (Live) 22. Chalk Outlines Body (Live) 23. Southern Alphabet (Live) 24. You Might Be A Redneck (Live) 25. Poor Old Fluffy (Live)