Making People Laugh

1) Training Women 2) She’s Not In the Mood 3) My Kidney Stone 4) Who You Calling “Boy”? 5) A Shark Can Smell Fear 6) Polish Coal Miner 7) Would You Love Me If I Were Broke? 8) What You Going To Name the Baby? 9) Viet Nam 10) The Parachute Won’t Open

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Comedian Jay Hickman issued numerous albums during the ’90s on the Laughing Hyena label, the same record company that helped launch the career of Jeff Foxworthy. Hickman began creating a buzz with his act while working regularly in strip clubs throughout the south (from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta), eventually taping his shows and selling them himself as dubbed cassettes. Hickman passed away before being given the opportunity to introduce his comedic wit to the mainstream, but Laughing Hyena has remained true to a request that Hickman made just prior to his passing: to keep his recordings in circulation so future generations can discover them for themselves.