Road House Comedy

Jack & Jake Photo
Jack Mayberry (Outlaw Comic) 1. This Guy Goes Into a Bar… 2. Getting Up Early Is Overrated 3. Gonna Buy A Bullhorn 4. Back Seat Of A Buick 5. Plainview, Levelland Texas 6. I Don’t Use Much Vulgarity 7. Where Everything Didn’t Used To Be 8. When You Get Old… 9. Plucking Nose Hairs 10. CT Scans To Get On An Airplane 11. TSA = Taking Stuff Away 12. I Look Like Ross Perot 13. Israelis and Palestinians 14. $1,000,000 For Military to Kill One Person 15. $2,000,000 To Electrocute One Person Jake Iannorino (Weed Inspector) 16. Introduction 17. Johnny Cash, The Original Gangster 18. Robbing A Hallmark Store 19. Rob A Gun Store With A Knife 20. Mandatory Weed Sentencing 21. Weed Inspector 22. Ohio State University For One Day 23. I Did Not Graduate 24. I Don't Need College 25. Written Test To Be A Fireman 26. Too Many Beggars 27. Message To The Troops 28. We Are The U.S.A, The Good Guys 29. I Served My Country For 4 Years 30. After 9/11 I'd Have Bombed 8 Countries

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