Truly Tasteless Tunes

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1. Vibrator Queen 2. Tapping That Thing 3. I Heard You Been Seeing My Old Lady 4. Wood Pecker 5. She Ran Off With A Trucker 6. All American Trucker 7. Little Brother Trucker 8. Muff Diver Song 9. I'm Your Mailman 10. Ice Man 11. Born An Asshole 12. Sweet Tomato Lady 13. I'm Your Meat Man 14. Rodeo Song 15. Get Your Finger Out Of It 16. Revenge 17. Mortorcycle Party 18. Just A Quickie 19. Pussy Whipped Again 20. Put Me In Jail 21. Linda Lovelace 22. Shallow Throat 23. Don't Bite Me 24. Grinds So Fine 25. Two Bit Whore

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Not for the feint of heart this album is a compilation of the most tasteless tunes we could find. We mean this album is as advertised – truly tasteless and is not up for consideration for gifts for grandma for Christmas. Unless your grandma’s tastes run to the raunchy side.

If your taste does run toward the raunchy this album is a good pick for you. If you are having a party Saturday night and need an album to play this particular album is a good pick for you. It plumbs the dimensions of tasteless but does not go quite so far as being disgusting.

We have here some of the best tasteless tune writers in the country including David Allen Coe as we cover some of the songs from his infamous “X-Rated Albums” Also a song by Laughing Hyena Records’ L’il Brother Trucker is included. If you are familiar with and like the music of Larry Pierce this is the album for you. And it lasts for an hour.
If this music is not tasteless enough for you let us know. We won’t give you your money back or anything but we will sympathize with you.