SCHMITTFACED has combined their love of song and beer into their debut, Redneck Chugalug, a new country classic featuring eleven staggering tracks such as Save Water Drink Beer, Less Thinkin’ More Drinkin’, and their ode to exercise, Let’s Get Ripped. It’s sure to create a buzz!

All five band members (Jimmy James Schmitt, The BULGE, Schlitz Chuggington, Senor’ Sean, and Magnotron) have degrees in drinking and the experience to back it up. As a music and beer consumer, you may be thinking, “Is this record for me?” Well, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Does your spouse get disgusted when you dance in your underwear after your first morning beer?
  1. Do you take out the trash late night so neighbors won’t hear your massive amount of empties clanking around from your chugging?

If ‘yes’, Redneck Chugalug is for you! You don’t have to be a ‘redneck’ to enjoy Redneck Chugalug, all you need is love for the nectar that makes life worth living. So crack a cold one and crank it up…

SCHMITTFACED has arrived!

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