Long Haul Paul

At the tender age of fifty five, Long Haul Paul was discovered in the back of a Muscle Shoals area garage during a pilgrimage to the recording mecca which was sponsored and encouraged by his daughter Audrey, who advised him, “You’re only as good as your network, Dad.”Recording legend and producer Travis Wammack, who first heard the grizzled trucker during that unforgettable jam session in the back of the Woodmont Avenue Service Center in Tuscumbia, Alabama, would come to dub him “a modern day Bob Dylan”. The friendship and collaboration which ensued between Wammack, who Rolling Stone once called ‘The fastest guitar in the South’, and the unknown reefer hauler with ” 150 songs stuck up in my head, ” landed Long Haul Paul on the Laughing Hyena label with nationwide distribution, radio airplay on 650 WSM’s Marcia Campbell’s All Nighter Show, and frequent invitations to truck shows throughout the United States.