Jack Mayberry and Jake Iannorino

Jack & Jake Photo

Laughing Hyena Records released several two-comedian albums in 2008. Jack Mayberry who appears on Roadhouse Comedy takes the prize as the best liked comedian from this grouping , now in its fourth pressing. Jack was part of the Texas Outlaw comedians at the Houston Workshop from whence came Sam Kinison , Bill Hicks and Steve McGrew.

This ex-marine has been on the Tonight Show over 25 times with Johnny Carson and then Jay Leno, often portraying Ross Perot with whom he has an uncanny resemblance. He also does a spot on impression. When Perot was running for president Mayberry was flying to Burbank a lot. And he shares some of his thoughts on that material on this album.

Mayberry whose family business was cotton farming says that getting up early in the morning is overrated. It is a good thing for us he is a night owl. He will soon be celebrating his 30th anniversary in standup and he just keeps getting better. Discover what Mayberry concludes about the high cost of killing an enemy combatant and the high cost of electrocuting a condemned prisoner.

Hear why people have lined up around the block to see this veteran comedian. You will be happy you did.

Jake Iannarino is a well-traveled stand up comedian, performing in more states than not. We recorded Jake at the Ice House in Pasadena, CA in 2008 and have him paired with Jack Mayberry on the album ‘Roadhouse Comedy” which has been an unqualified success in travel centers and truck stops.

On our CD Jake riffed about his relationships with his Johnson and with weed among other things with a patriotism chaser. He has gone on these last few years skyrocketing through the comedy world, coming in second in the Sierra Mist Comedy Search. What else would you expect from this fixture of the standup world?