Jerry Dye & Ron White

Truckstop Comedy

Jerry Dye

Jerry Dye is one of the first comedians that we recorded about 25 years ago. Our customers loved him then and they love him now. A Mississippi native, he whiled away his youth throwing rocks at trains with his friends. Don’t miss his description of when he was on a long road trip and pulled into a gas station because he had to pee and the trouble he had getting the bathroom key with a piece of wood on it from the attendant. And that is just the beginning of the adventure. Listen in for his hilarious details

Ron White

Ron White, you know, is the smoking, whiskey drinking, well-dressed smart-ass from the original Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Born and bred in the West Texas oil country, he advanced from doing comedy clubs to theatres to arenas, where he is still going strong today. When we recorded him he wore jeans and a cowboy hat. But even then he was Tater Salad.