Jimmie Walker

Hey it is fun reliving the comedy scene of the 70’s, even though this album was recorded in 1999. Jimmie Walker became the break out star of the series “Good Times” on CBS. His catchphrase “Dy-no-mite” was the Git-R-Done of that era. He was the favorite comedian of the Black Panthers at the time. And he was the favorite comedian of white America as we were going through a challenging period of integration.

In the 80’s Jimmie had two friends writing material for him, a young David Letterman and Jay Leno. He still makes frequent appearances on “Letterman” whom he believes has done more for comedy. He says that in thirty years Jay Leno has yet to break a major comedian on his show.

Jimmie would relish being a father on a sitcom if the right offer came along. He spends his time writing now, both material for his first love – standup and a recently published memoir. He also writes scripts for movies and television. The man has been in the entertainment business for fifty years and he is still going strong. He had been nominated for three Emmy’s and won one, Do yourself a favor and listen to Jimmie’s hilarious recording.