Rocky Laporte

Rocky LaPorte is a former Chicago truck driver and dock worker who started his comedy career in 1988. He won the Johnny Walker National Comedy Competition beating out over 1100 contestants. Among his accomplishments was the CBS pilot “The Rocky LaPorte Show”.

Rocky did the Tonight Show after “only 16 years of sweat and toil, but who keeps track of that kind of stuff?” Says Rocky in a recent interview, he mentions that he is most proud of the fact that he was voted one of the funniest guys in his class at a recent G.E.D. reunion.

He was named Best Male Comedian of the Year at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. His video plays on Air Canada flights. Rocky responded saying “I’m just having a good week.” After airing his Comedy Central special they named Rocky America’s second most favorite comedian. In fact he is a favorite everywhere with a full schedule of appearances at comedy clubs and corporate events.

He has done an enormous amount of charity work for his favorite causes and has performed for our troops in Iraq with Drew Carey. Rocky’s clean blue collar style of humor gives him a universal appeal, as his fanbase continues to grow.


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