Vinnie Favorito

A lot of comedians when writing their biographies and resumes say they have played Las Vegas. Living in Las Vegas we get to see what exactly that means. We went to see one comic recently who was playing a one nighter at a bar off of the Strip and there were about thirty people in the audience.

When Vinnie Favorito says he plays Las Vegas though it is different. He really plays Las Vegas fifty weeks per year in his own 500- seat room. In the Flamingo Hotel. On the Strip. And when we last went to see him the room was full. On a Tuesday. You know every night is Saturday night on the Strip.

He rocks the room. He starts off doing some set material and then starts playing with people in the audience for the rest of the night. Odds are Vinnie will find you and have some fun with you. If you want to be part of the show sit in the middle of the room or up front. At the end of the show Vinnie is on a first name basis with a lot of people.

If he reminds you of Don Rickles it is understandable. But with Vinnie it is all in good fun. He is never mean. Being picked on is a badge of honor, too. Your chest swells with pride walking out of the theatre.

When in Las Vegas, come by and see the show in person. Until then you would be well served to take a listen to this side-splitting album.