Trucker Wally

Trucker Wally has been around for over twenty years and has been the most prolific trucking comedian in Laughing Hyena Records’ history. A tough as nails flatbedder, all his comedy is about the trucking world spoken in trucking lingo. He took off a few years to open an ice cream store but could not stand it and went back on the road hauling rebar from Utah to North Dakota.

He jokes about everything in trucking from lot lizards to chicken haulers to bull haulers. He has written and recorded almost a dozen CDs and the best of the best is packaged in his two-CD greatest hits set.

We knew Trucker Wally back when he was still good looking and he is still making us all laugh! Buy this CD and it will keep you laughing and awake while you herd your big rig down the highways and by-ways of this great country.