After a long day at work, crack open a beer and sit down with the Blue Collar Comedy legends. Kick back in your recliner for a night of laughs with classic comedy from everybody’s favorite scotch-drinking, cigar-smoking comic Ron White and Redneck expert and comedy icon Jeff Foxworthy. Blue Collar Comedy legends like Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy headline a stable of unforgettable comics who grab life by the horns and tell it like it is from their unique perspectives. Let Ron, Jeff and their buddies bring the ultimate Blue Collar Comedy experience right to your door.

Ron White

Ron White puts the blue in Blue Collar Comedy as he tells stories of his unbelievable life and alcohol-fueled escapades with unapologetic honesty. With every joke, there’s a lesson to be learned, from the bit that earned him his nickname “Tater Salad” to the classic “You Can’t Fix Stupid.” 

The native Texan launched a long and highly successful career with other Blue Collar Comedy legends by connecting with the middle class. When he teamed up with Jerry Dye in “Truckstop Comedy,” they explored the laugh-out-loud business of marriage, pest control of some sorry rats, and Ron’s infamous “Hustler’s Beaver Hunt” story.

Today Ron White might be traveling from gig to gig in his private jet, but these classic recordings capture the greatness that kicked off his career and proved his collar will always be blue.

Jeff Foxworthy

If you’ve heard the phrase “Blue Collar Comedy,” you know Jeff Foxworthy. Since 1984, Jeff has been the leading authority on knowing if you might be a redneck and one of the most successful comics to ever hit the stage. 

An avid outdoorsman and award-winning comedian, Jeff Foxworthy’s classic recordings at Laughing Hyena Records are a must-have for anyone who enjoys the golden age of Blue Collar Comedy, including Foxworthy’s Laughing Hyena release “The Redneck Test,” one of the best-selling comedy albums of all time. Jeff Foxworthy is a force of nature that captures the hilarity of being married, having kids, and trying to juggle both.

Laughing Hyena’s Best Blue Collar Comedy

Every album we feature in our Blue Collar Comedy collection hits audiences right in the funny bone. Our comedy albums reflect the salt-of-the-earth comics who made Blue Collar Comedy a genre all its own that you can turn to any time you need some humor in your life. Ron White might claim he’s retiring from stand-up, but the albums that kicked off his career will live on forever, thanks to Laughing Hyena.

Our titles are available on CD and can be accessed through streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. Laughing Hyena is home to Blue Collar Comedy legends like Jeff Foxworthy and Ron White, as well as a variety of other hilarious performers, including Alonzo Bodden, Joey Diaz, Thea Vitale, Monique Marvez, and many more.

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