Caroline Picard says “I am not over the hill. I am standing on top of the mountain”. She may have hit the big 7 oh but “The Queen” tours with the ferocity of a comedian in her 30’s. She has lived and she has drawn some conclusions from life. She will unabashedly share them with you and make you laugh your arse off while she is doing it. That is bold for a comedian. But her paying customers get their money’s worth.
She held her own while opening for Ron White who heaped praise on her. On her resume is a Grammy nomination for her album “Live at the Laff Stop”. Caroline is a favorite on the radio, in comedy clubs and in the Mid-East where she has entertained the troops 14 times.
She likes her shows to feel like a rock concert did back in the day. The AARP generation can still rock. Hysterical Management gave her the Award of Excellence for her professionalism and body of work. Her Laughing Hyena Records album is a favorite of bikers and truckers.

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