Anyone who has been around the trucking industry for any length of time has heard of Elmer Fudpucker.
His real name is Hollis Champion. Hollis was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. His father was in the construction business of which Hollis had no interest. He knew at an early age that his true calling was in entertainment. He picked up on the guitar and started off playing country music and did a lot of radio.
One day he discovered a talent for humor and took the stage name of Elmer Fudpucker (don’t start off saying Pud or you will wind up in trouble ). He is famous for the trucker hit “Damn the D.O.T.”, “Mother Fudpucker was a Trucker”, “Truckin’ S.O.B.”, “Redneck MF” and many more.
Hollis is the father of modern trucking humor and novelty songs. He paved the way for today’s trucking comics like Trucker Wally, Ray Carlisle, Gary Gentry, Katfish and Thunder Britches.
If you like comedy do yourself a favor and buy all the Elmer Fudpucker CDs you can get your hands on!!. You won’t regret it.

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