John Fox is R rated to the bone and always great for a healthy nose snort. It remains a mystery to us why John never achieved household name status. Maybe we are biased because John was the first stand-up we recorded in 1987. The successs of his recordings encouraged us to jump into the deep end of the comedy recording pool. His comedy is timeless though, as hilarious today as it was then. Like John told us when we recorded him in Indianapolis his album is not topical and will be bought by comedy afficianados forever.
Alas John succumbed to colon cancer in 2012 but left behind this album recorded at the peak of his career to enrapture his old and new fans. A good personal friend of Bob and Tom he appeared on their radio broadcast often and was a show favorite.
In one of the few interviews he did he made up a story about why comedians following him in the comedy condo should steer clear of the mayonnaise. Upon meeting new comedians after that interview he always clarified that the mayonnaise was indeed safe to use.
This album is a fitting tribute to John Fox, one of the funniest men we have ever met.

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