The two men who wrote and performed the Little Brother Trucker and Little Mother Trucker albums shall go unnamed (we think they are on the lamb ). Accomplished songwriters, their songs have been heard on the airwaves before. But, the songs from these albums will only be heard on satellite radio as they are very adult. Their music is imaginative and their lyrics are, well, for truckers, such as “Little Brother Trucker with a tire iron, he stands about ten feet tall.”
The albums interchange songs with and without lyrics, interspersed with the fake Trucker News Radio Show, all from the minds of these two fertile songwriters. The songs are very much not for kids and nasty enough not to be for some adults. But if you like your comedy with heaping tablespoons of nasty, you are in Hog’s Heaven, because Little Brother and Little Mother deliver.
Check out these albums if you have a commercial driver’s license. We think the first Little Brother Trucker album is the pick of the litter, but you can make your own choice. They are good music and good music does not die. It just matures with age.

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