Ron White used to drive by our office on the way from one comedy club to another and we joined him and his wife often at the local breakfast hangout. He used to wear a cowboy hat and jeans back then, a holdover from his formative years in Fritch, TX. That was then and this is now. Ron now commutes from theater to theater to arena by private jet, sometimes picking up his opening act along the way.
Known as the cigar-chomping, scotch drinking comedian from the Blue Collar Comedy days of the early 2000’s, Ron has gone solo while entertaining his fans. During the early 2010’s he has been the number three top selling touring comic and has sold 10 million CDs and DVDs. We have a Ron White gold record on our wall. He has come a long way since Jeff Foxworthy recommended we record him.
One of our customers met Ron in a liquor store in Atlanta and went back to his pick-up to get his CD for Ron to sign. Ron was kind enough to oblige him We guess what Ron is drinking on stage is not iced tea.

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