Born in Alabama, Vic Henley has had a busy life. George H.W. Bush and he co-hosted an event once, and before that Ronald Reagan mistook him for a cowboy. That was back in Vic’s Southern Days back when everybody thought people from the South were all hillbillies and rednecks. He went on to disprove that notion by moving to New York City. Our album “Redneck License” was recorded back in the old days when he co-authored a book with Jeff Foxworthy.
The new cosmopolitan Vic appeared at Edinburgh’s Comedy Fringe Festival resulting in him doing TV work in England. TV producers enjoy him as much as their viewers because he does a load of TV work stateside. He has even starred at the Montreal Comedy Festival.
You have heard him on Bob and Tom’s radio show and John Boy and Billy’s radio show. Vic shows no favoritism in media – he is on everything. Even Sasha Baron Cohen’s film Bruno, on which he was also a writer.
One whose resume is as full as Vic’s has to be blessed with talent. Try “Redneck License” and hear what all the fuss is about.

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