Hunting and fishing go hand in hand. Oddly enough (or maybe not), they’re also a perfect match with comedy. On the water or in the woods, there are plenty of tales to be told and laughs to be had, so why not combine the two with comedy titles from Laughing Hyena Records?

As anyone who’s reeled in a big one or set an eight-point buck above their mantle would know, success can take a while: you might as well get out your headphones and relax, waiting for your next catch. Or crank up the deer hunting songs back at camp around the campfire after a long day in the woods.

When you’re heading out deer hunting with your friends, put on Ernie Shill’s classic “Deer Hunting Tales” to remind your buddies never to invite their ladies, or she’ll out-hunt them all. Hunting and fishing songs will coax everyone to sing as you crack open another beer. You don’t need to worry about these songs being a flop; we’ve scouted the funniest tracks and compiled them together, all for your enjoyment. They’ll make for a fun night while you hang up that impressive buck you got that day.

Laugh Along With Earl Pitts

Earl Pitts’ “The Great Outdoors” track will make you smile no matter how your hunting trip went that day. You can try not to laugh in the treestand — for obvious reasons — but we can’t guarantee it won’t happen. And ol’ Earl’s classic “Huntin’ and Fishin’” make hours out on the boat fly by, no matter how you’re doing with the fish.

Even if hunting season is still months away, these classic deer hunting songs bring back those fond memories and get you fired up to create new ones.

The Laughing Hyena Band

One of the most important qualities of a successful hunter is the ability to remain stealthy. In which case, we would strongly recommend listening to The Laughing Hyena Band’s hilarious albums “Fishing Songs,” “Deer Camp Songs,” and “Favorite Deer Hunting Songs” on the road or back at camp. Getting caught in the blind doing the “Deer Stand Shuffle” while the rest of the crew is locked and loaded is a surefire way not to get invited on the next trip. Trust us.

From classics like “Mighty Manly Hunting Men” to “Give Grandpa Some More Beans,” Laughing Hyena Records’ collection of hunting and fishing songs is sure to keep you entertained on the road, in the boat, around the campfire, and anywhere spontaneous laughter is welcome. So kick back and enjoy your huntin’ and fishin’ seasons with the best tunes and best jokes from the best comedians in the business. At Laughing Hyena Records, we’re always on the lookout for the best comedic talent for your enjoyment — and ways to keep you and your hunting and fishing buddies entertained all year long.

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