Comedy is king, and here at Laughing Hyena Records, we bring stand-up comedy shows from some of the best comics in the business straight to you. Over the years, we’ve had the fortune of discovering young comics before they became comedy legends. (Do the names Jeff Foxworthy or Ron White ring a bell?) Whether listening to our hilarious specials on Spotify while driving to work or relaxing at home with our animated comedy specials on YouTube, you’ll appreciate the range of comics available.

Adult Laughs

If you’re looking for something raunchy and bawdy, consider Beth Donahue’s “Sweet Meat.” We mean it when we say raunchy, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. Donahue covers various topics in her stand-up (dating is a favorite subject) with a no-holds-barred approach. A veteran of comedy and radio, she knows how to deliver lines that will have you gasping with laughter.

For more than 25 years, comic Monique Marvez has been delivering spicy, sexy comedy to audiences around the country. Get tips on how to get your man to clean the garage with a bit of encouragement in her special “Live in Las Vegas.” Marvez’s humor is perfect for ladies night or home alone on the couch with a glass of wine.

The third season of “Last Comic Standing” saw Alonzo Bodden taking home the grand prize, and deservedly so. His smooth and confident delivery landed him appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and Comedy Central, and his stand-up comedy specials are always a great time. Bodden’s all-inclusive humor and unique insights make his recordings a great addition to any stand-up comedy collection.

The Legends of Comedy

We’ve got classics from some of the stand-up comedians who made Blue Collar Comedy one of the top-grossing comedy tours of all time: Ron White and Jeff Foxworthy.

Ron White got his start opening for Jeff Foxworthy, and he went on to tour with the Blue Collar Comedy crew. Eventually, he went solo (but not without his trademark scotch and cigars) and skyrocketed in popularity for his stand-up routines heavy on nihilistic humor.

Before Jeff Foxworthy was the Jeff Foxworthy, he performed in comedy clubs, as you’ll hear in 1989’s “Sold Out.” The CD brings back memories of a simpler time and introduces audiences to the phrase Foxworthy became known for – “You Might Be A…” – delivered with his unmistakable Georgia drawl. He spins tales about his marriage in a funny and relatable way in “The Redneck Test.”

Here at Laughing Hyena Records, we’ve got so many hilarious stand-up comedians on CD and DVD to entertain you, and you’ll want to add them all to your collection. You can also listen to our recordings of some of America’s funniest comics on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and iTunes. And check back with us frequently. We’re always scouting the best comedians to record with us. In the meantime, enjoy the comedy of our stand-out stand-ups and laugh along with the crowd!

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