Truckers are the lifeblood of America. On the road for days at a stretch, mostly behind the wheel, truckers are always on the hunt for entertainment to fill the long hours spent on the open highway. What better way to laugh the miles away than listening to trucker comedy from Elmer Fudpucker, Ernie “Thunderbritches” Shill, and Bubba P. Waters and the Mudcats?

Truckers also experience a way of life most of us will never know with their grueling trips and hellish schedules, but they keep the U.S. running with the work they do. Without a doubt, they deserve all the laughs they can get, and at Laughing Hyena Records, we’ve got miles of them.

Elmer Fudpucker

Born in Decatur, Alabama, Hollis Champion (aka Elmer Fudpucker) was a country musician before discovering his knack for comedy. He appeared as the opening act for country music stars like Jerry Lee Lewis, Kenny Rogers, and Marty Robbins before winning a gold record of his own – but for comedy. Today he is considered the father of modern trucking humor, leaving behind a legacy of comedy gold like “Elmer Fudpucker Sings Damn D.O.T.

Ernie Shill

If you’re feeling more on the wild side, there isn’t a better knee-slapping time than Ernie Shill‘s “Truckers Gone Wild.” Shill is a natural-born comedian whose smart-mouthed antics as a kid often ended with a good ol’ country whipping. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Shill turned to trucking after the service and started entertaining truckers via CB on long hauls. After a few years, he wrote down his best jokes and called us here at Laughing Hyena Records. We were thrilled with Shill’s trucker comedy, especially hilarious bits like “How I Got This Black Eye” and other tracks that are sure to entertain truckers on the longest and most boring treks.

Bubba P. Waters

The best way to hear about trucking life is to listen to stories from the truckers themselves, and Bubba P. Waters and the Mudcats certainly deliver some of the funniest trucker comedy we’ve ever heard. Get yourself a copy of “Chicken Hauler Blues,” and you’ll soon learn “there ain’t no feelin’ like Chickenmobilin’.” Waters’ jazzy trucker tunes will have you tapping and singing along. No snapping, though, please: two hands on the wheel.

The Greatest Trucking Hits

Our list of trucker comedy performers doesn’t end there, however. We also have titles from Joey Holiday, Gary Gentry, Ray Carlisle, and more. Truckers, you are the heartbeat of America, and Laughing Hyena Records wants to keep you company on the road.

We’re constantly hunting for the best trucker comedy at Laughing Hyena Records. We offer CDs and DVDs on our website, as well as stream our titles on all major streaming services, including YouTube, iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify.

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