Reviews and Teasers

For the diversified drinker who has moved on beyond drinking beer all the time. After a hard day shopping at the liquor store, we present you with a little background music for drinking some vin-o, some Cuervo or even a cold Budweiser and a sweet ‘tater. The perfect ‘before’ drink music to whet your appetite and your liver for the grand event tonight. And for the finale tomorrow afternoon, two aspirin and the hair of the dog that bit me.

The Laughing Hyena Band “13 Drinking Songs”


“13 Drinking Songs” Track List

1. Out Drinking
2. Gotta Get a Little Crazy
3. Honky Tonk Attitude
4. Hey Bartender
5. Red Red Wine
6. Sangria Wine
7. Homemade Wine
8. Jose Cuervo
9. Cold Budweiser and a Sweet Tater
10. A Six Pack to Go
11. Help Me Make It Through the Yard
12. My Liver Hates My Guts
13. Hair of the Dog