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Don Whatley won the Overdrive Magazine & Red Eye Radio Trucker Talent Search a few years ago from a crowd of talented trucker singer-songwriters. Featuring such songs as “American Trucker”, “Get Er’ Done” and “Tears of Pride”, no wonder the crowd went wild.

Not only did Whatley write and record the songs on the album, but he also oversaw the graphics. Most of his CD sales were to truckers who overheard him playing his songs on the CB who bought his CDs from him in the truck stop parking lots.

Whatley is retired from trucking now and lives with his wife on their farm in Oklahoma

Don Whatley “American Trucker”


“American Trucker” Track List

1. American Trucker
2. Get Er’ Done
3. Until Then
4. You Might Be A Trucker
5. Honey Do’s
6. If I Could I Would
7. Deja Vu
8. Tears Of Pride