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Gary Gentry pulls a flatbed for McElroy Truck Lines from eastern Tennessee. He has been driving since 1989. He never did much of anything else, except for playing his guitar, singing, and writing some really great songs like “The Ride”. He has written songs for George Jones, Johnny Cash, David Allen Coe, and Tim McGraw. He won seven country music awards and even had two of his songs go gold and one go platinum!
Finally one day he decided to put together an album of his own. With his natural gift for music and rich baritone voice, he has come up with his hit album about trucking life.. He speaks directly to the “over the road” truckers in their own language, like “Coffee Jim”, “Caller”, “Mother Trucker”. All songs are wholesome and clean.
He says he feels right at home driving a truck. “I am a trucker, and I say it with pride. The great thing about trucking is the freedom you don’t get anywhere else.”
Sometimes he sounds like Red Sovine, Jerry Reed, or even Hank Williams, Sr, If you are into hip hop then this album is not for you, but if you like good old country music, then buy this album.
Gary Gentry is America’s next star!

Gary Gentry “Biker Songs”


“Biker Songs” Track List

1) Junkyard’s Intro
2) Heros And Harleys
3) Not Made In Japan
4) Easy Rider
5) Delotted
6) Uncle Elroy
7)A Brother’s Funeral Song
8) Hell On A Harley
9) Dixie
10)When You Hear The “Beep”