Steve McGrew “Country Comedy”

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Okay, I am taking my nagging wife with me Saturday to Fred and Myrtle’s for the pot luck dinner. I swear if she goes off on me again, this time it is a quick Mexican divorce – kaboom. Well, she is behaving herself this time. Good for me and good for her. Maybe we will play Fred’s game today. I can tie Myrtle to the ceiling fan and spin her around until she is ready to have throw the referee out of the ring pig sex. It was OK last time until she started to squeal. Myrtle is into fantasy sex games and she has a hot bod. I just need to forget what her parents named her. Don’t start nagging me now, wifey. Not now.

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“Country Comedy” Track List

1) Introduction
2) Quick Mexican Divorce
3) Fix Anything With Duct Tape
4) The Military
5) Boob Tattoos
6) Booze Control
7) Tied From the Ceiling Fan
8) Throw the Referee Out of the Ring Pig Sex
9) Fantasy Sex Games
10) Call Your Woman