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Excerpt from “Pig Sex”

Bottom line, write this down.  There are two techniques, making love and pig sex.  Making love is when you have someone special you care about and you want to hold and be gentle and do what they like. (Burp) Then there’s pig sex.  OK, it might not be the right word, but you know what I’m talking about. “Honey, you better go lock the door, we’re going to bust some furniture in here tonight.  You’re looking damned good in that Garfield sleepwear”.

“Nothing sexier than a big ass T-shirt with a cartoon on it, is there boys?  Oh hell, you stay out of Frederick’s of Hollywood.  I want you in Garfield sleepwear, woman.  Get some little Mermaid slippers to go with that.”

You’ve got to keep that passion, though.  You’ve got to have that wild animal sex.  That no-holds-barred, throw the referee out of the ring, it’s a cage match, Honey.  Take you down for 3.  You’ve got to have that kind of fun.

Steve McGrew “Country Comedy”

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“Country Comedy” Track List

1) Introduction
2) Quick Mexican Divorce
3) Fix Anything With Duct Tape
4) The Military
5) Boob Tattoos
6) Booze Control
7) Tied From the Ceiling Fan
8) Throw the Referee Out of the Ring Pig Sex
9) Fantasy Sex Games
10) Call Your Woman