Reviews and Teasers

Go deer hunting with Ernie Shill while he looks for the big one. A nice addition to your deer hunting collection. Have a great time in deer camp – with the guys. Having a woman there would throw the guy chemistry out of whack, so, sorry ladies but no women in deer camp. You tell them, Ernie. Some things are just wrong.

Ernie Shill “Deer Hunting Tales”


“Deer Hunting Tales” Track List

1. Hunting With Jerry Springer
2. The Supplies Surprise
3. The Paper Caper
4. Monogamy
5. A Woman In Deer Camp
6. Putting Meat On The Table
7. Nothing In Common
8. Game Warden & The Poacher
9. How To Tenderize Venison
10. Bambi Was A Cartoon
11. Hunters’ Bar-B-Que
12. Things You’ll Never Hear In Deer Camp
13. Homely Women
14. Brown Bear