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This is the first of two Larry Pierce’s Greatest Hits albums, based on reactions from our customers. Picking just 22 songs from his library was a Herculean chore to accomplish, like picking your favorite 22 Beatles’ songs. In fact, Howard Stern dubbed Pierce ‘the Beatles of Dirty Country Music’ on his show on SiriusXM on which he appeared several times. Pierce was accomplished enough to inspire someone of note to give his genre a name. Fans want to collect every album he released, the same as our other artist in that category, Jay Hickman. Both are off-color, which is interesting.

This album contains such chestnuts as ‘Don’t Tell Anybody I F***ed You’, ‘F*** Your Brains Out’ and “Good Hard F***ing. You will notice there is a consistent theme that runs through his songs, a theme that is one of your favorite past times. The same as with Jay Hickman.  Our listenership knows what it likes. Unfortunately, the FCC does not allow it to be played on terrestrial radio, so you may not have heard his songs before. But when you do, you hear fireworks.


If you are new to Larry Pierce’s music you are in for a rare treat.  Each album is great but if you want to try one out this 22 Greatest Hits package is a fine place to get acquainted with his music.

Larry Pierce “Dirty Old Man”

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“Dirty Old Man” Track List

1. Pretty Woman
2. Hillbilly Girlfriend
3. When The Carnival Came to Town
4. Good Hard Screwing
5. Porking You Is Always On My Mind
6. Girls Were Made To Screw
7. We Screwed In The Rain
8. Pretty Cowgirl
9. A Law Against Brassiers
10. This Girl Makes Me Horny
11. Front Row Ticket
12. Her Old Love Letters
13. If You want Romance…
14. She’s A Nymphomaniac
15. I’m A Prick (Fools Are a Dime a Dozen)
16. Screw Your Brains Out (One Night Stand)
17. Get It Through Your Head
18. Gigolo
19. Hike Your Skirt Up Higher (Stank Up The Whole Room)
20. Don’t Tell Anybody I Screwed You (Can I Buy You a Drink)
21. Shriveled Up
22. I Asked Her For A Date