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After a career of writing, rehearsing, and perfecting comedy on stage in its finished form, Jay Hickman records one of his final performances at Thee Doll House in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And he was on fire for this joyful show. The gentleman’s club had forty beautiful dancers working from 8 pm to 2 am and we are here to tell you they are a hard act to follow. But follow them he did. At 11:00 pm this night, as he did at that time every night, the girls sat down for a welcomed break and music introduced the Jay Hickman show. The hundreds of horny gentlemen patrons never minded because Hickman was so captivating.


Here is one of the best of those shows recorded for you and with the close friends you wish to share it. The charismatic and self-assured Hickman weaves a fabric of gut-splitting stories interspersed with clusters of one-liners to keep you entertained. Listen in to his unapologetic groundswell of humor, like: A guy asks a cab driver if there is room up front for a case of beer and a pizza. The driver says yes and the guy barfs through the window.  Or as he addresses an audience member, asking if he knew rubbers had serial numbers at the end. The guy says no and Jay tells him that I guess you never unrolled them that far. You can be dumbfounded and delighted by what Hickman riffs on.

Jay Hickman “Don’t Hold Nothing Back”

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“Don’t Hold Nothing Back” Track List

1) The Right Way To Be A Lottery Winner
2) The Family Idiot
3) Following Shade Around the House
4) In the Back Seat
5) Police Won’t Go To Cemeteries
6) Let Women Be Equal
7) Because I Love You
8) Fire Up the Old Bulldozer
9) Polack Jokes
10) Confess Your Sins