Gilbert Gnarley “From The Retirement Home”

Radio personality Gary Burbank plays an 80-year-old phone prankster.  He lives at the St. Pia Zadora retirement home and gets into trouble making prank calls. This album contains his most acclaimed call, KY jelly, where Gilbert calls up the manufacturer of KY and asks about its supposed various uses- “Can you eat it on toast?” “What flavors does it come in?” Join Gilbert Gnarley on his stagger through the Yellow Pages on the funniest phone prank album ever.


“From The Retirement Home” Track List

1. Kentucky Jelly
2. Big Women Moving Furniture
3. Older Women
4. Christmas Toys
5. Big Women Blacktopping
6. Mrs. Butterworth
7. Squeeze Toy
8. Bonk’s Himself In The Head