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Various Artists “Gambling Comedy”


If you have ever been to Las Vegas, or even wanted to go to Vegas, then this comedy CD is for you.
It is about everything Las Vegas. We have gathered together five of Vegas’ top comedians to make you laugh your head off. Steven Pearl, Gary Brightwell, James P. Connolly, Danny Vermont and Joey Gaynor. These are Vegas comedians, baby They talk about everything from gambling to painted ladies. They make you feel like you are in Las Vegas.
They hit on topics like slot machines, keno, blackjack, craps, roulette and other games. This CD is hilarious. We bet you can not listen to it once. You will laugh until your sides hurt.
Buy this CD and be sure to get plenty of extra copies for your gambling friends. It’s a sure bet!!

“Gambling Comedy”

  1. “Gambling Comedy”
  2. Steven Pearl
  3. Gary Brightwell
  4. James P. Connolly
  5. Danny Vermont
  6. Joey Gaynor