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Larry Pierce is a normal, red-blooded American man and his songs reflect that.  The only normal topic he does not cover is going to a gentlemen’s club which might be because they did not have one in Middleton, Indiana where he lived. Pierce discusses the rest of the sexual topics on his albums.  Sex is the driving theme on Hard Hat Hits with acknowledgment to men, and to the women who want to know what men are thinking, at least before the relationship gets complicated.


‘Big Surprise in the Morning’ is not about bacon and eggs and a glass of orange juice.  The big surprise is something men wake up with in the morning. Get ready for a laugh out loud moment at the end of the song, the funniest on the album. ‘Nymphomaniac’ could have been titled ‘Let Me Go First at the Gangbang and then the lyrics go somewhere I can not take you here, with respect to good taste. Or is it too late for that now? ‘Good Enough to Eat’ could have been titled ‘Will You Sit On My Face?’ but we must draw the line somewhere as we sell these to stores whose managers do not like young kids snickering at the titles on the CDs.


Hard Hat Hits has 30 songs which make it Pierce’s longest and one of his most sought after. These three songs are typical of Pierce’s material on all his albums.  If sexy songs are for you, this album is for you.

Larry Pierce “Hard Hat Hits”

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“Hard Hat Hits” Track List

1. I’m a Leg Man
2. Getting Half Tight
3. Achey Breaky Fart
4. Can I Buy You a Drink?
5. Not while I’m Driving
6. B.Y.O.P.
7. A Family Affair
8. Good Enough To Eat
9. Holiday
10. I Wish I Could Hold You
11. My Fantasies of You
12. On the Prowl
13. She Wore a Crop Top
14. Dancing At the Bar
15. She Was Sexy, She Was Pretty
16. The Thrill of the Chase
17. Nymphomaniac
18. Woman In My Dreams
19. Slurp
20. Counting the Memories
21. Bring Me Back As a Woman
22. Let’s Get Drunk and Screw
23. Bitchy Attitude
24. Get It Through Your Head, I’m Not Taking You To Bed
25. Darling, What Does He Do?
26. Pretty Women Get Their Way
27. Who’s Next after I’m Gone
28. All I Can Think of Is You
29. Big Surprise In the Morning
30. Too Young for Me