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Join Doc Barham exploring the female anatomy, joined by several of Laughing Hyena’s funniest comedians. For this, you should become an explorer.

This is one of three sex-themed albums that we published: “Joy of Sex”, “Hooked on Sex”, and “Hooked on Sex 2”. Each one is better than the last. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Listen to them and weep.

All of these albums were recorded without any performance-enhancing medications.

Various Artists “Hooked On Sex 2”


“Hooked on Sex 2” Track List

1. The First Time We Made Love
2. What Say You And I Go Back To My Place
3. Male Fantasy – Age 16
4. Finding Her G Spot
5. I Worked So Hard Getting This Pussy
6. A Blind Date
7. Screwing Someone Ugly
8. Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend
9. Al’s Dating Service
10. Safe Sex Is In
11. John Holmes Shanked 14,000 Women
12. First Date In A Car
13. How About A Little Blowjob Action
14. I Will Do Everything Once
15. Dear Al