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Laughing Hyena Records originally published three compilation albums in the mid -1990’s on the subject of sex: Joy of Sex, Hooked on Sex, and Hooked on Sex 2. We believe the best one is Joy of Sex, the definitive comedy collection on the subject. Great comedy is timeless and this album is a great comedy.

If you are hooked on sex you are one of many, my friend, and will appreciate this landmark recording.

Hey, it might not be for you, but if you have read this far it probably is. Listen to a dozen comedians recount their experiences. Definitely, no prudes allowed… This is for mature audiences only, and by mature we mean kids who have a set of headphones and the adults who babysit them. Great comedy is a great comedy. Maybe you might even learn something.

Various Artists “Hooked On Sex”


1. Introduction
2. Pig Sex
3. Sexual Impressions
4. Sexual Positions
5. Your First Time
6. Where is My Vagina
7. Boneless Dick
8. Instant Pussy
9. Womens’ Talk Gland
10. Sorority Girls
11. A Big Dick and a Fat Wallet
12. Blind Dates
13. When Music Was Good
14. Two Aspirin
15. The Irresistible Man
16. Sexual Pop Quiz
17. Bad at Blow Jobs
18. Sexual Dry Spell