Larry Pierce “Hot And Nasty Songs”

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“Hot and Nasty Songs” Track List

1 Good Hard Fucking

2 Cum Drinking Woman

3 Dump That Jerk And Come With me

4 Can’t Shoot Pool With A Rope

5 She Is The Queen Of Fellatio

6 A Law Against Brassieres

7 She Makes My Peter Stand Up

8 She Licked My Scrotum

9 Play With Your Pussy

10 Bare Tit Boogie

11 She Is A Nymphomaniac

12 Hillbilly Girlfriend

13 Fucking You Is Always On My Mind

14 Hike Up Your Skirt Higher (Stank Up The Whole Room)

15 I Wanna Be A Pimp

16 Areola

17 Cluster Fuck

18 I Like To Lick

19 She Has Been Eating Pussy Again

20 Baby, Lose Some Weight