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Larry Pierce, imaginative husband and lover extraordinaire is a gifted songwriter and musical arranger. His theme is sexual performance and his music is the literary equivalent of a modern-day Kama Sutra. He is to sex what LeBron James is to basketball.


While there are several Pierce collections that rate at the top of the Nasty charts, at the time of this writing this album is not only one of those, it is his highest-ranking title. Dirty Old Man, his Hits collection, is always way up there too. Do not miss either.


His universal theme of the sensual pleasure of passionate sex expresses the sometimes-unspoken details of bedroom joy. Or on the hood of a car. Or on a carnival ride.   No man has ever expressed the sexual urge in such accurate musical detail as Pierce.


There are 20 tracks on this hour-long album. Listen and pick your favorites. You know, the ones you keep hearing in your head after you stop listening.

Larry Pierce “Hot And Nasty Songs”

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“Hot and Nasty Songs” Track List

1 Good Hard Fucking

2 Cum Drinking Woman

3 Dump That Jerk And Come With me

4 Can’t Shoot Pool With A Rope

5 She Is The Queen Of Fellatio

6 A Law Against Brassieres

7 She Makes My Peter Stand Up

8 She Licked My Scrotum

9 Play With Your Pussy

10 Bare Tit Boogie

11 She Is A Nymphomaniac

12 Hillbilly Girlfriend

13 Fucking You Is Always On My Mind

14 Hike Up Your Skirt Higher (Stank Up The Whole Room)

15 I Wanna Be A Pimp

16 Areola

17 Cluster Fuck

18 I Like To Lick

19 She Has Been Eating Pussy Again

20 Baby, Lose Some Weight