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If you’re feeling more on the wild side, there isn’t a better knee-slapping time than Ernie Shill’s “Truckers Gone Wild.” Shill is a natural-born comedian whose smart-mouthed antics as a kid often ended with a good ol’ country whipping. A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Shill turned to trucking after the service and started entertaining truckers via CB on long hauls. After a few years, he wrote down his best jokes and called us here at Laughing Hyena Records. We were thrilled with Shill’s trucker comedy, especially hilarious bits like “How I Got This Black Eye” and other tracks that are sure to entertain truckers on the longest and most boring treks.

Ernie Shill “I Ain’t No Lumper”


“I Aint No Lumper” Track List

1) Introduction
2) I Aint No Lumper
3) 379 Peterbilt Drive
4) CB Rambos
5) The New Breed
6) The Dreaded Wizz Test
7) California
8) Nothing But A Hound Dog
9) Ohio Bears
10) Truckstop Parking Lots
11) Hi-Tech Trucker
12) I Aint No Pervert
13) Peterbilt Heaven
14) Peterbilt Envy
15) Ruby, The Truckstop Waitress
16) Piece of Crap Truck
17) Talking Trucker
18) The Company Man
19) Instrument of Happiness