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Recorded at the Las Vegas MGM Monique does her first of many Laughing Hyena recordings. A favorite of Brad Garrett, the owner of the club, you will hear her riff about man-woman relationships. That is her jam and you will hear why. Having been married three times and dating extensively in between, she has firsthand experience. At age 49 she has hooked up with a 24-year-old and it is working. Admittedly a cougar, if the relationship is fun and bouncy, why not?


Women who listen can pick up some pointers. Men are tactile. They love to be touched,   whether in the nether region or on the toes, “How are these little piggies?” They need to be able to interpret woman-talk. “I’m getting hungry, are you? “ Asked more than once it means” I’m out of my mind with hunger” Men need to say “Yes, me too”.


“You want to know the bedroom trick that drives them wild? Show up!”


And the bounty of this collection is that it is all presented hilariously. You laugh all the way through, while not taking notes.  Listen again until you pick up what you missed. You will not only laugh again, but you will also absorb some valuable tools

Monique Marvez “Live In Las Vegas”


“Live in Las Vegas” Track List

1. Intro-Spicy Pervert in the Front Row
2. I Have to go Home to His Dumb Ass
3. I Can Fix ALL Your Problems
4. Uberskanks
5. It’s in the Eyes
6. Cougarslayer
7. Benjamin Button with T*ts
8. Talk to Him Like a Man
9. Throw a Party!
10. We Have Different Needs
11. More Likely to Touch Them
12. Get in There Like You Mean It!
13. Don’t Fight
14. These Aren’t Even Jokes
15. Heisman of Hiney
16. Cathy’s are Organizers
17. Knock it off with the Metrosexual!
18. Do NOT Deviate
19. The MAN Trinity
20. Simple and Delusional
21. Keep a Biscuit Handy
22. He Really Doesn’t Care
23. Bling and Balls Don’t Mix
24. Wrap it in Bacon
25. She Doesn’t Need a Reason
26. Yoda of Vajeen
27. Australians PARTY!
28. Laid Like Carpet
29. Caring is Foreplay
30. Don’t Just Go For It
31. Men Are Hunters